NomNom – Let’s talk about the future!

** this event will be held in english **

We live in extraordinary times, concurrently breathtaking and deeply precarious. Automation and digitization are changing the way we work profoundly. Classic career paths are dying, new fields emerge almost on a daily basis. How can we build stable careers and create stimulating work environments in times that are charactarized by flexibility on the one hand and uncertainty on the other?

Anab Jain co-founded the vanguard laboratory, design and film studio Superflux with Jon Ardern to parse uncertainties around our shared futures. She creates tangible, provocative experiences that transport people directly into possible future worlds. Through her work, Jain has discovered a powerful means of affecting change; by confronting and emotionally connecting people with future consequences in the present. From climate change and growing inequality, to the emergence of artificial intelligence and the future of work, Jain and her team explore some of the biggest challenges of our times — and investigate the potential and unintended consequences of these challenges.

Jain is also Professor of Design Investigations (Industrial Design 2) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She is a TED Fellow, and her work has won awards at UNESCO, Apple Inc., Geneva Human Rights Film Festival, Innovate UK, and exhibited at MoMA New York, V&A London, National Museum of China, Vitra Design Museum and Tate Modern.

Jain is originally from India where she studied design and filmmaking, and started her career as a documentary filmmaker. With the overbearing presence of Bollywood, there was little room for experimental documentary filmmakers in India. So she moved to UK to do her masters in Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art. After graduation, she worked for Nokia and Microsoft Research before setting up Superflux in 2009. Having moved through careers and jobs, she finally feels like she has found her feet in a career that she invented. As a design futurist and an archaelogist of the future.

// NomNom: Let’s talk about the future with Anab Jain
//When? May 6, 2019, 6 pm
//Where? Cafe Kreuzberg
//Participation is limited to Sorority members, for registration please send a short note to

What is Sorority NomNom?
The NomNom event series sets out to spark informal conversations on career topics over food and drinks.Sorority board members invite women in leading positions who can give insights in their career decisions in order to sharpen the participants own profiles. Our main aim is to support sisters who are in the process of (re) orienting themselves or are looking for a (first) job. We discuss what careers in the respective industries can look like or how networks can be used and built. This is event is hosted by Martina Schöggl, in conversation with Anab Jain.

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