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Oh THAT Place X Sorority // femtrails // 19.3.2016

Oh That Place has invited creatives and experts active in the field of applied design to present at their next event in collaboration with the women’s network Sorority. Next to presentations of four female designers, we will host a panel dicussion on the issue of „Creatives & Precarious Living“.

After the discussion we will have some drinks with guests FYPM, one of Vienna’s finest HipHop DJ Collectives.

// Oh THAT Place //
Oh THAT Place is an international, multi-disciplinary, creative idea collective based in Vienna. Launched in 2015, Oh THAT Place currently hosts a series of ‚SNEAK PEEK‘ events. The events provide a platform for young Vienna based Designers to showcase their work in an informal, unique setting.

// The Sorority //
The Sorority is a women’s network based in Vienna that advocates equal opportunity for all genders in the labor market. They host monthly networking meet-ups, workshops, cultural programs, parties and the annual festival “Business Riot”. Their series „femtrails“ focuses on the working reality of women in the field of Arts & Culture.

When? 19.3.2016, 5pm – 9.30pm
Where? Hotel am Brillantengrund,
7., Bandgasse 4
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